Why Artificial Grass is the Natural Choice For Pets

May 31, 2023
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Artificial grass has had its ups and downs in the past, but it continues to be one of the best materials any homeowner should reach for, especially if you have pets. From the ability to keep away insect life and dangerous weeds to how little maintenance and care it requires, it’s easy to see why so many are curious about it.

If you’re ready to bring your lawn into the future of pet care, here’s everything you need to know about artificial grass!

1. More Time to Spend With Your Pets

The average American spends over 70 hours a year on lawn and garden care, according to the Chicago Tribune. This is nearly two full weeks of work, which could be spent doing other, more relaxing things. You could be going on hikes with your dog, watching movies with your family, or even spending time building a deck or adding landscape drainage grates instead of watering and mowing the same patch of grass all year. 

Spend those 70 hours doing something that actually brings you joy!

2. Great Looking Lawn Without Staining

Most Americans want a bright green and healthy-looking lawn, which isn’t always achievable with pets. Dog urine can stain and kill live grass, leaving horrible yellow or brown patches that cause an eyesore. 

Although there are some products that will change the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s pee if you put it into their water: is it really worth unnecessarily medicating your dog so your lawn is green? Artificial grass is made to last at least 20 years while looking fresh and healthy, making it a clear winner.

3. Lower Risk of Allergies

Grass is one of the most common allergens out there, and it’s in most lawns in America. This has led to dogs having itchy and swollen paw pads and cats developing symptoms of asthma and COPD. Even if you cut your grass before it flowers and are as careful as possible, it can still cause a reaction in your animals.

Artificial grass isn’t going to cause grass allergies, which means healthier and happier animals and no chance of pollen making its way indoors to keep you miserable as well.

4. Nontoxic to the Environment and Pets

When we care for our furry friends, we want to make sure everything we bring into their lives is going to make a positive impact. Although artificial grass has had a rough reputation in the past, even the best Animal Shelters are saying it’s the environmental choice for many homes.

“Artificial turf provides an excellent and safe option for dogs, offering a resilient and comfortable surface that enhances their playtime and overall well-being. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf eliminates the risk of exposure to harmful pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring a toxic-free environment for our furry friends. Its durable and non-abrasive texture reduces the likelihood of paw injuries while providing a soft and enjoyable surface for running and play. Additionally, artificial turf’s efficient drainage system allows for quick and easy cleanup, minimizing the accumulation of odors or bacteria. At the El Paso Animal Shelter, we highly recommend artificial turf as a practical and pet-friendly choice, allowing dogs to roam, frolic, and feel at ease in a secure outdoor space.” – Kathryn Goodwin, El Paso Animal Shelter.

5. No More Muddy Paws

Watering grass constantly is expensive and time-consuming for the owner, but it’s also a pain for animals. From having to deal with a dog refusing to use the bathroom outside because they had a bad experience with the sprinkler system to other animals tracking mud into the house, live grass and a watering system aren’t the best choice.

Fortunately, artificial grass is an awesome option because it gets rid of all of these issues! You don’t have to spend hundreds every year to keep it green, plus there’s no more mud being tracked indoors.

6. More Comfortable for You and Your Pets

Live grass may look nice and soft, but it can be uncomfortable to walk on, especially if you have to mow often or you have invasive grass species taking over. Instead of worrying about burrs, prickly plants, or other issues popping up, artificial grass ensures that your lawn has the same texture and comfort year-round.

This is especially important in areas where castor beans or Jimson weed pops up, like in the southwestern United States, since these can be toxic or even fatal to your pup.

7. Easier to Remove Waste

Grass tends to start breaking down waste the moment it hits the ground. Although this is good in theory, the nitrogen and phosphorus that’s in it can be harmful to water-based life and can cause the growth of toxic algae depending on where you live. 

It’s better to have artificial grass, which instead holds the waste in place so that you can pick it up and discard it with ease. Cleaning the artificial grass afterward is also incredibly easy.

8. No Fertilizer or Pesticides Needed

Fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, and so much more all cause major issues with animals and wildlife while not always doing the job they’re meant for. Having artificial grass discourages these types of pests, so you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals in your lawn.

Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for Our Furry Friends!

Whether you’re buying a new home or considering updating yours, artificial grass should be the obvious choice. Reach out to a local artificial grass company to make your home the best choice for your furry friends!

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