best grass seed for el paso tx

The Best Grass Seed for El Paso TX

January 15, 2023
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Texas is famous for being a state that appreciates a clean cut lawn. It’s a matter of pride for a typical Texan. In El Paso, growing grass can be difficult. This part of the Lone Star State is notoriously hot and dry—not exactly friendly for many grass breeds. 

If you want to get a green lawn this year as a local, you’re going to need to buy the best grass for El Paso, TX lawns. Thankfully, there are over half a dozen types of grass that work well with climates like El Paso’s. We have the perfect guide for you!

What is the best type of grass for El Paso, TX residents?

There are currently seven different types of grass that work well with this climate. We’ll look at them below…

1. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is the most commonly-requested grass species in the El Paso region. We definitely can see why. This grass looks great, can handle drought very well, and is also resistant to regular disease. In other words, it’s rugged enough for Texas.

It’s a great warm-season grass for Texans who love a rich lawn. This is a go-to grass for most people near this Texas city. You’ll understand why after seeing it. 

2. St. Augustine

Many lawncare mavericks would suggest that St. Augustine is the best grass for El Paso Texas’s shady regions. St. Augustine grass is moderately well-equipped for drought and disease. However, it does like its shade more than other warm-season grasses.

This is definitely a warm-season grass that works better in toasty parts of Texas. However, you may need to give it extra watering sessions. El Paso can get a bit too dry for this grass at times, so be prepared to water it a little more.

Buffalo Grass

One can also argue that Buffalo grass could rank as the best grass for El Past, TX lawns. Few types of grass can hold up to high heat and drought the way that Buffalo grass does. It has a green-grey appearance and also is native to more tropical outlets.

If you live in a shady part of El Paso, Buffalo grass may not be right for you. This tough seed still requires full sun. 

3. Zoysia

Firm and medium-green, Zoysia is our final pick for the best type of grass for El Paso, TX. This warm-season grass is best kept short and offers a firm carpeting of your lawn. If your soil lacks nutrients and has a lot of sunlight, Zoysia is a good choice. 

This is a good grass for people who are okay with a little extra fertilizer and watering. It’s classic “Texan grass” and generally can work in almost any type of turf that you will find near El Paso. 

4. Ryegrass

During the cool season, you have fewer options for you. Most lawn experts agree that ryegrass tends to be the best choice for homes in and around the El Paso area. Ryegrass has a rustic, bold green look that takes quick hold from September to December. 

One cool thing about this cold-season grass is that it helps prevent erosion. We are fans of natural ways to prevent soil erosion. After all, every bit of help we can get against soil erosion matters.

5. Texas Bluegrass

Not to be confused with the music genre, Texas Bluegrass is a very specific type of cool-season grass made for areas that are usually inhospitable to grass. As the name suggests, this grass has a slightly blue tint to it that makes it look almost surreal in the right light. 

This grass is hybridized from native Texan grasses and can stay green throughout the entire year. The one type of place that doesn’t work well with this grass seed is areas of high traffic. 

6. Curly-Mesquite

The best way to ensure that you have a healthy lawn and a healthy environment is to choose grass seeds that are native to the land. Curly-Mesquite grass is an obscure but native grass that is currently being raised by Native American farms. 

Not only is it heat-resistant and resistant to walking, it’s also native to the area. This will hold up well against Texas elements and also work on upholding the current climate. If you’re part of the local-sourcing lawn movement, you’ll love Curly-Mesquite. 

What should you look for in grass seeds?

It’s true. Not all grass is created equal, and that means that your seeds are not meant to be used in every region in America. You have to seek out the best grass seed El Paso, TX lawns can have—not stuff for anchorage. Here’s what to look for:

  • Growing Requirements. You want to get a bag of grass seed that works with your season’s timeframe, requires the amount of sunlight you have on your lawn, and also can hold up to moderate drought. Texas isn’t exactly known for being wet, you know!
  • Color. There is nothing wrong with wanting a grass that looks lush and offers a splash of color to your lawn. If it’s at all possible, check out other photos of comparable houses with the grass you’ve chosen. 
  • Quality. An ideal bag of seeds will come from a reputable brand and seller. If you’re buying your seeds online, make sure that it has a score of at least four stars from reviews from legitimate customers. 

Are you looking for the best grass seed for El Paso, TX?

Being a fan of good lawncare means that you are going to need to search extra hard for grass capable of handling El Paso’s tough climate. After all, grass is mostly meant for cooler, wetter climates. Thankfully, you still have a couple of species that you can choose from for areas like El Paso. 

Every lawn is still going to be a little different from its neighbor. If you aren’t sure which breed will work with your turf, call a person who has experience in Texas lawncare. They’ll be happy to pair you with the right seeds.

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